Secon Security Services and Personal Protection Company

Secon Security Services Company is a private security and Personal Protection Company offering security services to clients nationwide. We provide you information and security consultant that will greatly enhance your personal security awareness, which includes the ability to determine areas of your life that you may need to reduce risk, this may include; travel security, home security and your own Business Security Company.

Secon Security Services.

When Thinking about Professional Protection, just think about Us.

Secon Security Services.

Feel Safe with our Highly Trained Security Personnel.

Secon Security Services.

Take Care of the Important People in Your Life with our Professional Protection Services.


Security Concierge Services; Awareness Is Everything!

security Work

How We Work.

We Offer Signed Confidentiality Agreements.


Free Consultation

We Put You in Control.


The Shadow.

Identifying Security Vulnerabilities.



Drone Applications.


Remote Security.

Your Eyes and Ears When You Are Away.

secon Maritime Security

Maritime Security.

Consultancy and Application.



Emergency Response Consultation.

IT security

I. T. Security.

Identifying Security Vulnerabilities.

secon Private Investigator

Private Investigator.

We report to you!

  • Signed Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Privacy Protection.
  • Non Disclosure Agreement.
  • Peace of Mind.
  • FREE Consultation.
  • NO Obligation.
  • We Give YOU Control.
  • Security Planning Assistance.
  • Identify Security Vulnerabilities.
  • Discreet Assessments.
  • Undercover Infiltration.
  • Covert Operations.
  • Surveillance.
  • Arial Assesments.
  • Advanced Viewing.
  • Structural Assessments.
  • Overt or Covert Camera Placement.
  • Permanent or Temporary.
  • Remote Protection.
  • Eyes and Ears When You Are Away.
  • Auditing.
  • Consulting.
  • Operative Assignment.
  • Superyacht Security.
  • HSE Courses.
  • Major Emergency Management.
  • Emergency Response Consultation.
  • Clients.
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery.
  • Cyber Assurance Program.
  • Cloud Managed Security Services.
  • Data Protection and Loss Prevention.
  • Investigation Services.
  • Surveillance Services.
  • Text & Documents Translation.
  • Southeast Asian Countries.